The Trial of Uncle Charlie

Played Jan 21 - Feb 1, 2020

What really happened on board the Exodus 1947

Yehuda, a 52-year-old Israeli, is trying to banish his nightmares. Memories of the battles against the British while trying to help smuggle Holocaust survivors into pre-State Israel, and the murder of his friend by a British soldier on the ship, the Exodus, ruined his marriage and his relationship with his son. Now that his relationship with his son is finally improving, how will he act when his past unexpectedly confronts him?


By Yehudit Shier Weisberg / Director Aryeh Weisberg

Lighting Frankie Trachtman / Props & Stage Management Miriam Schechter / Costume design Tova Fliegler

The Cast:

Tal Ami, Emanuel Cohn, Dana Elkabets Kegen, Dovid Lewis, Sharon Weissbart.

המופע יתקיים בשפה האנגלית. משך המופע כשעתיים (כולל שיחה בתום המופע).

The play will take place in English. There will be discussions after each performance.

January 21,22,23,28, 29, 30. at 19:30  January 25 and February 1 at 20:30


rBiographies - The Trial of Uncle Charlie


Tal Ami – Actor - as Gal-Ed: Tal has studied in a variety of acting schools, both those dedicated to theatre and to film. Tal has performed on stage, in TV series, commercials, and Internet campaigns.

Emanuel Cohn – as Yehuda: Originally from Basel, Switzerland, he studied acting at the Visual Theater in Jerusalem. Emanuel has participated in many films, TV series and commercials, both in Israel and abroad. Emanuel is especially delighted to be back on stage, after having played the role of Lancelot in the musical "Camelot" fifteen years ago.

Dana Elkabets Kegen – as Ahuva: Actor and creator. She is currently working on writing a feature series and a children's play. Among other things, she studied and trained in the Chevak method of acting. Dana appeared in short films, promotional videos, commercials and internet clips.

Karen Feldman – Makeup Artist: Karen has been involved with theater since 2005 when her son became an actor.  JEST gave her her start doing theater, makeup and filming, and she has been doing both ever since.

Tova Fliegler - Costume Designer: Tova is a Fashion Designer and Graphic Designer. Tova was previously the Production Vendor Manager for Textiles, Accessories, Kids, Jewelry, and Consignment for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She was also the Planner and Allocator for Men's Sportswear for North America for Brooks Brothers. Tova loves to dance.

Nigel Lewis – as Uncle Charlie: Hailing originally from Nottingham, England, he made Aliyah two years ago after travelling the world. Uncle Charlie is his first foray into live theatre since his high school days. He enjoys music, cooking, reading, remodelling and learning Gemara.

Miriam Schechter - Stage Manager and props: Miriam is excited to be making her behind-the-scenes debut in Jerusalem with Theatre Zion’s world premiere production of The Trial of Uncle Charlie. In the United States, she created scenery and props for several high school productions and performed in summer musical productions in the Poconos. She sends her thanks to the Theatre Zion family for their support and encouragement.

Yehudit Shier Weisberg – playwright: Yehudit made Aliya 2 ½ years ago from Toronto. She is an educator, author, professional ventriloquist and Israel advocate. The spark for writing The Trial of Uncle Charlie formed when she read the truth about what happened on the Exodus 1947.

Aryeh Weisberg – Director: Ari Weisberg founded Teatron Toronto Jewish Theatre in 2002 and was the artistic director until 2015 when he moved to Israel.  He produced and directed over thirty plays for Teatron in addition to directing for other theatres in Toronto.

Sharon Weissbart - as Riva:  An actor in Teatron Alpha in Tel Aviv, a creator of children's shows in her own independent theater, an improviser and co-founder of Jlmprov, which produces improve shows at the First Station. Sharon studied at the Academy for Performance in Tel Aviv and loves sci-fi.